Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Baby B is here!

Baby B was born on October 30th at 11:06pm. Both Hubby and Doctor were relieved she made her debut BEFORE Halloween, apparently we were on a schedule?? Neither one of them wanted her born on Halloween, I on the other hand thought it might have been kinda cool, but in retrospect am glad she came sooner, rather than later.

She is a sleepy little bean, who has inherited her Aba's eyes, and her Bampa's nose (sorry, Bampa but I am secretly hoping that it gets a bit smaller!), has the tiniest little mouth and a pointy chin. She shares B's baby cheeks and her skin is the smoothest thing you have ever felt. After her bath she was returned to me with a little bow in her hair, it was the cutest thing ,till it promptly fell off as I was contemplating out loud to Hubby how they got it to stick, I speculated it must have been with spit (which Hubby thought was extremely funny). Oh, well.

Baby B is a wonderful addition to our family.