Saturday, September 30, 2006

Some background

My husband and I both grew up in California, but on different sides of the fence. We were married in 1999, and both knew we wanted to have lots of children, and that I would stay home to raise them in a way neither of us had been. We got pregnant soon after returning from our honeymoon and have been repeating a cycle of pregnancy, breastfeeding and immediate pregnancy again ever since. We will soon be blessed with our second girl, who will be our fourth child. We relocated our family to Colorado in 2004, and currently live in a wonderful neighborhood with our children and our beagle that my husband takes rabbit hunting.

I am a stay at home mom. My husband is a kindergarten teacher. Our oldest, N started kindergarten last month. Our daughter, B started Preschool last month as well, and our baby J is almost 2. We are anticipating the arrival of our newest family member a little girl sometime in the next few weeks.

Our house is always full of kids, laughter, toys, and adventures. Mix in lots of tradition and food, a dog that eats everything he possibly can and our house is what you get. I hope you will enjoy reading about our families misadventures and milestones.