Wednesday, March 07, 2007

To sift or not to sift...

That is the question. Well, actually it is not really a question, but rather a direction often given to one when trying to bake almost anything that requires flour or powdered sugar.

How often have you really contemplated sifting and the various ways to do it?

Well, the traditional way is of course to use a sifter, measure out your flour, pour into the sifter and either crank or squeeze away! Givig your hand and or arm a real work out, and then trying to clean it with out letting it rust ( these things always rust!) and having room to store it.

The high tech way, use the blade attachment of your food processor and pulse a few times, but who really wants to do that? then you have to wash all those parts! The bowl, the blade, the lid.

Nope, neither of those are for me. My favorite way depends on what I am doing. If I am sifting flour or other dry ingredients that are going to be part of a batter, dough, or breading, I just get out my trusty wire balloon whisk and stir a few times, and if I am making something that needs a really fine consistency then I turn to my mesh colander, and just tap on the side of my hand, much easier than cranking the sifter, and less mess of sugar jumping up everywhere.

So next time you sift, use your whisk, you will thank me.