Saturday, March 31, 2007

so busy, but so close to being done...

I feel like I have been scanning in pictures forever! But I am almost done, soon (about 50 pictures from now), I am scanning as I type... -change picture- I will have every picture scanned in that we have of Aba's childhood... -change picture- and our lives together since we met, well at least our photographed lives... -change picture- into the computer and ready to make "modern photo albums" well that is except... - change picture- for the pictures we lost in the computer crash of 2006. Luckily it was only half of 2006 that is still unrecovered... -change picture- even though the "computer God" tried his hardest. Ce La Vie! But since my wonderful sister-in-law... -change picture- happens to be in town, in fact happens to be in the very next room, with her own laptop with pictures of... - change picture- my little ones on it, as soon as I am done with all of the scanning I am going to raid her computer with a blank DVD and... - change picture- hopefully restore some of what was lost (I am hoping to at least get the Del Mar Fair... - change picture- out of her!)

Passover. is fast approaching and I have been busy kashering. the house, collecting chametz. from the nooks and crannies that little hands... -change picture- seem to hide things, no matter how many times I remind them we only eat at the table. So all of the rooms have been gone over with a fine tooth comb, carpets shampooed and chametz closely guarded against little hands straying away with crumbs in there pockets.

Not to mention the fact that last year I promised to make a new updated version of the family hagaddah. for next years- now this years Seder, and when did I choose to wait to start this? Till yesterday!! I know, I know I procrastinated a whole year away. But it is done now, and read to be taken to Kinko's tomorrow for copies. -only 16 left to scan-

So as I am finally wrapping up the photos I needed to scan, I can't help but look forward to using my new Roxio. program, to make my new "modern albums" where I can combine photos, home movies, and music onto DVD for the children and future generations to watch: I can't imagine our children sitting around flipping through albums, having pastel books of sticky paper sitting on shelves gathering dust. I see them having cases of DVD's - or maybe some new modern thing we haven't even dream up yet and just popping them in their laptops or on the living room TV to reminisce. Ahh, what fun, I can't wait to see them but first I need to crop, edit and clean up them up before I can even begin to make my DVD movies, oh well just another thing to occupy my time. - All done scanning-