Friday, March 23, 2007

Shakespeare is hard to do!

So in the amount of time I have tried to watch The Merchant of Venice Aba and the kids have each received 2 movies. The x-man 3: The last standard the da vinci code and the kids came out with the secret of n-i-m-h, which oddly enough never arrived at our house but was sent out by netflix and then returned to netflix (very odd) and Melody time.

Melody time is great! A collection of classic old mini movies set to old time movies. A walk down memory lane for adults and new classics for the kids, although Nathan did question talk of death during the little toot mini movie.

Da Vince code was great (as most of the known world already knew), although not acceptable for the kids. and X-men was loved by all! Some scenes were borderline acceptable, but were okay in the long run (especially since the kids know it is pretend).

Okay since this email has set in my drafts box for a week, I give up and will post about merchant of venice next week ( I hope!)