Friday, March 23, 2007

The sucking stops here!

So it is in. Today B got her Bluegrass appliance installed. And I hate to say it, but I couldn't help but laugh for so many reasons, even though I was a good mommy and hid it.

This morning when I told her we were going to the dentist, she asked if they were going to put playdough in her mouth again (the impression dough) and once we assured her there would be no playdough involved she was good to go. And did fabulous until after the appliance was installed and she was walking back out to the lobby where I was waiting (she doesn't do as well when I am with her at the dentist for some reason) and that is when the screaming cries started.

She had tried to suck her fingers and found out she no longer could. The screaming cries continued with enthusiasm, "Moooooommmmyyyyy, mooooommmmmmyyyyy, take it ooouuuutttt!!!" over and over again going on ten minutes when she heard me tell Aba on the phone that if she stopped crying I might get her a treat. Immediatly she began perking up "Treat?" I heard from the back of the van, , "what kind of treat?" and that was that. The traumatic crying was over, the crocodile tears had gone.

The rest of the afternoon she played happily stopping every hour or so to request I take it out, and when I said no, she went back to playing. Once thought she did say she couldn't talk once N got home, and when I asked why, her response was that he would make fun of her (due to her new, but temporary lisp - it is actually kinda cute!) well, we quickly assured her that That would not happen (and it did not).

In time she will learn to talk normally, will forget about sucking her fingers, be able to eat properly again (it took her over 30 minutes to eat a cookie!), and her palette will return to normal. Thank god for modern dentistry and the big smile on my face.