Sunday, January 14, 2007

Why retail stores suck and ebay rules

So our darling Princess B has been growing, weed like for the past few months, and now no longer fits into her size 3 clothes (a first for us since everyone usually changes sizes at or after their birthdays, definitely not before) but that is besides the point. The point is I was looking to get her some new things, dresses of coarse, her favorite thing to wear. This time I do not want to buy walmart and target clothes if I can avoid it so they will last longer, and look better on her.
So I checked out some online stores. and Holy Cow what are these people thinking? Everything is either Freakin ugly or way to expensive ! I mean really who are the people that can afford this stuff? and even if you could, who in their right mine would pay it? $150 for a plain white dress with a bow around the waist? $98 for a pink and white dress with a little sweater? You have got to be Joking!! These are dresses for a preschooler, not a career women or a wedding; they are clothes to play in, to run in the yard, paint a picture and play with playdough.

Thank goodness for EBay and outlet stores! So far I have gotten 2 really adorable dresses for under $15 on EBay and I am bidding on a few more. At this rate I will be able to complete her wardrobe for less than 1 acceptable (and by acceptable I mean one that had no characters on it, does not make her look like a hooch mama, or a teenager, can be washed with out ripping, or shrinking, does not need to be dry cleaned, and is comfortable to wear) dress from a regular store. And people wonder what all the eBay and outlet store hype is, well that is it, in a nutshell.

Quality clothing at a reasonable price.