Monday, January 08, 2007

OMG! It is going to be one of THOSE days!

Today is going to be one of those days! It is not yet 9 am and soooo many things have already gone wrong!

Aba could not find his keys this morning to go to work, the Baby had a huge blowout, N and B both spilled their breakfasts all over their clothes and had to change. Then on the way to the bus stop N forgot his hat, luckily we noticed before we left the cul-de-sac only to discover once we arrived at the bus stop that he also forgot his jacket!

Argh! Well, back home we went, again. And now we had to attempt to meet up with the bus at the 2nd (and last) stop or else take him all the way down to school 17 miles away. Well, thankfully we met the bus, but N was not familiar with the bus stop so had trouble getting to the bus through all the snow drifts, but he did! Yeah!!!

At this point I thought our run of bad luck and disasters was over, especially when we were blessed with seeing one of our local elk herds run through the houses next to the road, about 12 elks total, and B and J got to see as we drove past! It was Sooo cool!

Well, we arrive back home, get some cartoons on, let the dog out and the phone rings....
It is N's school...
Oh. my. god, now what?!?!?

It is his teacher, apparently he left his lunch...
on the bus.

Well, he will be eating school lunch today.

I hope we are finally done with this for the day. But, who knows with the high winds we have predicted today (up to 100 miles per hour) it wouldn't surprise me if Abas car blew away!