Saturday, January 20, 2007

Tummy tuck anyone?

*click on orange words*

I just got an unexpected tummy tuck. How you ask? Well, wait and see.

I had a shopping trip planned to the Castle Rock Outlet mall, to purchase many things, new shoes for the 2 oldest from StrideRite , matching spring outfits for the girls from Heartstrings, new chonies for Aba, dresses for B, and a birthday present for Ns' friend. But didn't really plan on getting anything for myself, even though Aba gave me some extra money last night to ensure that I got something.

When we got home with our Chick-fil-A lunch, and Aba began to rifle through the bags and found all I got was a new bra , he became very upset! and actually ordered me out of the house with instructions not to return until I bought something for myself, no matter how long it took.

At first I wandered aimlessly through the mall , with Baby B in the Bjorn , sampling lipsticks and perfumes in Nordstroms , looking for a pair of Patent leather shoes in a size 10 without a heel for B (still haven't found any by the way), into Victoria's Secret, only to continue this way through the mall. I was actually quite lost as in what to do, every time I found something I liked I was sadly disappointed to find they were out of my size, or it looked extremely unflattering on my body (the body of a mother who has recently given birth), and finally asked for help in Dillards ironically I asked a waif of a girl who worked in juniors ; absolutly no help at all; as I wandered to coats and the old ladies section, I was kindly pointed to a lady who could help in misses, and that is when I got it! an instant Tummy tuck ! Now they are actually called NYDJ, pricey but a necessity for all moms. Everyone who has ever has a baby need these, they are not super low, nor are they mom jeans these actually lift your but and flatten your stomach.

It is amazing how a childfree afternoon, a new outfit and a cold Frappuccino will improve ones day. Even, if I didn't find the lounging robe I wanted.