Friday, January 19, 2007

Why blog?

This is a question that has come across my mind a lot recently. Originally I did on Myspace because I could, then decided I want to open up my typings to more people, a place where all friends and family could access them with out joining or signing up for anything. But as time has gone on I am realizing that I want more than that.

I want lots of people to read and reply to my blogs, to feel like a virtual friend sitting down to chat with me, or receiving an email. So I started asking questions of why people read others blogs, how to get people to read mine and so on.

I asked some of my PAFO friends to take a look and got some wonderful constructive criticism, and after thinking about it, my blogging is about to evolve. No I am not changing where I post it, just how.

After taking a look at some other blogs that others find fascinating and I find boring I can tell you I am not going to just post pictures of my kids, not try to woo you to support a cause, nor try to convince you that I am always right, nor I am I going to post cryptic nonsense that none of you would understand unless you actually talked to me on the phone several times a day. What I am going to do is share more.

Share more in general, for instance we are Netflix subscribers and watch at least 3 movies a week. I am going to tell you what I thought about the movies, not sum it up for you as plenty of others already do, but tell you if I liked it or not and why: Also, very few of you know that I am in the beginning stages of writing a cookbook, a kosher cookbook, I am going to post more recipes and hopefully get feedback on them, good or bad. I also like to take photographs, it is a fun stress free easy thing to do, especially when you have as many subjects as I do, and live in such a beautiful place.

You will also notice a new thing I have added to my page ( look down), a ticker, as I want to see how many people take the time to visit my little piece of cyberspace.

I hope to see the numbers rolling rapidly on it, and to get many insightful comments. Please feel free to sit down and chat awhile!