Monday, January 29, 2007

Titanic VS. The Stepford wives

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This weeks movies were both good, it is downright hard to pick my favorite, although while I would say neither are really appropriate for young child, neither are really inappropriate either. I guess it just depends on how many questions your little ones may ask.

Titanic is a sappy love movie, that does well at bringing history into reality, and my kids enjoyed it, there is no overtly sexual or violent scenes, although there is a hint of sex in the hull of the boat, a gun scene on the deck as the ship is sinking, a domestic violence scene during breakfast, and dead bodies floating in the water after the boat sinks.

We watched Stepford Wives last night after the children were in bed, and even Nathan laughed out loud at some points. If the children were to watch this the only scene that I would be concerned about is when the newcomers to stepford choose to visit one of the wives houses unexpectedly and you can hear sexual sounds and see her breasts change size.