Thursday, November 29, 2007

A chill is in the air

and hat season is officially here!!!

I am working on something fun for all of you, well rather your kids. With winter weather abounding I have been hat shopping. I have been scanning the Internet and visiting the big box stores for fun head coverings for the kids. And the cutest of all seem to be those that are handmade by talented people, which I definitely am not. I can't knit or crochet a stitch, my sewing gear has all been packed away for the move, and really I can't hold a matchstick to most peoples creative abilities.

I am trying to get some very talented individuals to donate their creations for all of you to win. I am unsure at this point if we will end up with 1 or 5 hats, but it should definitely be fun! So over the next few days while I am sorting all of this out, anyone have any great ideas on a name? I am thinking something like "kids in hats" or "caps for free", but again like I said I suck at the creativity thing.

But I will keep you posted (and if any of you have a hat making talent that I am unaware of, please send me a note so you can participate too!)