Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Setting out...

So, day 1 was definitely an adventure. Starting out with leaving so late that we ended up lunching less than 90 miles from home, driving through5 or 6 sunny rainstorms, and bypassing arches because we were to far behind schedule!!! With a pit stop in Green valley partly because the kids were going nuts, and partly because it was the last gas stop for 110 miles. We filled up with the cheapest gas in town at $3.22 a gallon, and then headed over the town park, complete with a huge missile in it to play on the olde school equipment; a metal twisty slide and merry go round.

When we arrived in our destination of Monroe Utah, we stopped at Bullies, this only place to eat in town and had some really great eats that didn’t take a huge dent out of the pocket book. 3 kids meals, 2 sandwiches, fries, rings, and 2 large drinks for under $25. Next it was off through the quaint little town, you know one of those one streeters? And got lost. Yep we managed to get lost!! But that’s okay – some nice ladies pointed us in the right direction and we found it. We were at Mystic springs at last! Aunt LaLa’s first reaction was a bit much, but she slowly warmed up to it, and finally seemed to enjoy herself.

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After we had fun in the soaking tubs, and while we were headed back Miss B was running ahead in the dark, in wet sandals, on a dirt road, in her wet swimsuit, and well you can pretty much guess what happened next, Whump! She tripped and down she went and came up covered neck to knee in insta mud. Which of course meant a detour to the showers.

Just when we though the day was over and made a goodnight call to Aba, J of all people had the loudest tantrum I have ever heard from him, and one of record length, an hour of inconsolable screaming cries before he finally tired out and stopped, the cause of this tantrum? That he had to sleep in the pull out beds with his brother and sister and the adults got the real beds, well that combined with the heat, the overtiredness, and the complete change from what he is used to…