Monday, July 02, 2007

The biggest slide ever!!!

For the past 2 summers I have had endless requests to visit the big slide whenever we visit Estes Park, and we have never been. We have gone on the family bicycle ( Pedal cycle), to the movies, festivals, fishing, camping, walking down town and eaten all over the place.But Aba and I always found a reason why we couldn't go to the slide. Well , not any more!

We finally went, well Me and the 3 little ones B, J, and Baby B went, while Aba and N were fishing. Our other option - to go to the Scandinavian festival, which I think we went to last year, and honestly with temperatures hovering near 100, with over tired kids from the night befores BBQ, I was not in the mood to push the stroller over bumpy grass amid throngs of people to look at handmade crafts that are too expensive, and that I don't want anyways. So, we went to the slide.

B was the one who was originally clamoring for it, and I agreed for her and J to take a go, but being that they have a credit card minimum (and I was fresh out of cash, and didn't know Aba's pin number) we had to buy 5 rides, which was fine, as B and J could go twice and Baby B and I could go once.

The first time up we all went. and even though B was the first ready J took off as soon as he could, deciding to roll over half way down looking up for the rest of us. At the bottom he promptly exclaimed "again!!!" which is amazing for one who hates to talk. B on the other hand had to be slightly convinced, but again they went and both had a blast. I think J would have gone again and again and again given the chance. Given it was only a buck a ride? I will bring them back whenever they request, and be sure to get an extra turn for myself!

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