Thursday, July 26, 2007

30 hours in LA

What can 1 mommy with 4 little kids do at grandmas house with 30 hours in LA?

Well for me it started with reminiscing about how much times have changed, and how things look differently and the demographics have changed. The schools I have attended are still there, but different somehow. The houses? Almost all torn down and McMansions put up in their places; except for a few holdouts that have not jumped on the remodeling bandwagon. I am glad I have left, and I miss it all at the same time.

What do I miss about it? I miss the way things were, my childhood, and the certainty of life. Things that are still in my memories but are no longer the reality of my little town.
What don't I miss? The traffic, and graffiti (2 words I got the joy of teaching my children Mommy why aren't we moving? It is called traffic honey where there are too many cars and we all slowly crawl by, or turn the freeway into a parking lot. Mommy, look a circus train!!! Where ??(looking around while sitting in traffic) Over there!!! Oh, that is not a circus train (chuckling) that is graffiti.(on the wall next to the traffic on the freeway) What is graffiti? Graffiti is where some very bad people paint where they are not supposed to, because there parents didn't teach them not to. Ooh, they need to clean up there mess and get a spanking. Yep they sure do....

We visited the Zimmer children's museum, and the kids had a great time, N played Rabbi, and J visited the wailing wall. We went shopping and I got new clothes (thank you Mom!!) and we saw Hairspray, you know the new one in theatres??? Apparently I am the only one in the Universe that did not know that John Travolta was playing the part of Edna Turnblatt; It was great, B was dancing the whole time, trying to mimic the dance moves and bopping around.

And of coarse we went to my favorite place to eat, Pachanga, the chicken quesadilla is still as good as ever. As we were leaving and made a pit stop at In-n-out I realized another reason I am glad we have left, I saw 2 girls I went to school with, 1 single and living at home with mom, because it's the only way she can afford to stay, and the other old and haggard looking overweight; unloved and used. As I glanced around at my little family I knew I had the best life and just what I always dreamed of having.

Surprisingly it was the best trip to see my mom I think we have ever had; we got our argument s out of the way before we drove up, and stayed a brief enough time that it was enjoyable by all.

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