Thursday, December 21, 2006

well the photo chronology of Chanukah has reached an abrupt end.

As most of you have noticed, I was doing a daily photo update of chanukah and our chanukah activities. Well, unfortunately it has reached an early end. Let me tell you about what has led up to this forced, decision.

On the fifth night of Chanukah I took pictures as usual, ready to upload, clean, and format. Well, Aba decided to take the camera to work with him, unbenounced to me. The day goes by and I think nothing of it, and actually I was quite wrapped up in watching the storm that was rapidly turning into a blizzard; worrying about how Aba is going to possibly get home, how I am going to get The Dog to ever go out to pee, and the like. Well at about 3 o'clock Aba calls and says he is stuck, at work, 5 miles a way; after several calls back and forth I find a neighbor willing to try and go get him, but by this point he had managed to get free and was hurriedly heading home, sliding and skidding the whole way, his speed being determined by the amount of snow and ice in the way, not bothering to stop at any of the red lights or stop signs for fear he would not be able to get going again. The ice and snow on the road determined which streets he was driving down, as his control was very limited, to say the least, and he was just praying to get safely home at this point. On wildcat he slid around 2 large city buses that were stuck parallel to each other, two blocks from our home 4 count them f-o-u-r SUV's were stuck some trying to turn left, some trying to turn right, yet he choose to gun his car , red lining it in fact ( remember Aba drives a Lexus sedan) and passed them all bobbing and weaving and sliding through, to finally get stuck at the end of the cul-de-sac while several neighbors stood outside cheering him on.

I got the details of this story as he was defrosting in a steamy hot shower, that is when I began to hunt for the camera and was informed that it was at work, 5 miles away through a raging blizzard. So picture if you will a white Lexus covered in three feet of snow at the end of our cul-de-sac (CLICK) picture if you will Aba shoveling out the driveway and a path from the car to the house with 2 helpful neighbors (CLICK) picture if you will our menorah lighting ceremonies (CLICK.,CLICK,CLICKITY-CLICK,CLICK,CLICK) and picture if you will the present opening events in which JoJo went absolutely nuts over his gift.

I have never seen a child so exited over something so simple. Are you curious to what he received? Okay, I will tell you, he received a big boy pillow, a full sized pillow in a green toddler bed. it is a super fluffy down pillow that is essentially the same size he is (he could use it for a bed if he wanted to, and in fact when I checked on him last night, he was sleeping exclusively on his new pillow).

Oh, and just in case you haven't seen the news or read the paper since yesterday morning, Denver is in a state of emergency, they have called the national guard in to retrieve people stuck in their cars, (a friend of mines husband is actually stuck in a hotel 5 miles from his house because he could not get home) and the storm does not show signs of stopping any time soon.

So there will be no more photos, just imaginary photo click's trying to hold onto the memories, as no one is leaving to go retrieve the camera and Chanukah will be long over before Aba gets to work again on Monday as the metropolis in which we live is essentially shut down through Friday (at the very least) and everyone knows that schools are not open on the weekend. So enjoy yourselves as we will be having a movie marathon and staying inside where it is nice an warm and cozy. First up on our marathon Pirates of the caribbean 2 (one of Aba's chanukah presents).