Saturday, December 09, 2006

I could REALLY use your help!

As most of you know, our computer crashed a few months ago, and the "computer god" was able to salvage most of the information off of our computer. Unfortunately he was unable to save it all, and was not able to find 2006 in our photos. Now, I know this is my fault for naming them something screwy like "eBay stuff" or "craigslist sale" or something, honestly I have no idea what I named them, but that is really despite the point, as is that I didn't print any of them out or put them on a back up disk (I was working on it when the computer crashed, but for some reason felt compelled to "clean" and name all the photos first, which didn't quite happen) so anyhow I have no pictures or videos left except the ones that made it onto my MySpace which is very few.

I was also a big enough imbecile to throw away all the disks of photos people, kind people had sent me after I uploaded the pictures to the computer (do you see a pattern here? Yep it is me having complete faith that nothing would happen to the computer, the old computer that I had repaired many times!). And I had great plans for these photos! I was going to make a movie out of them to send as Grandparent gifts, which I am now unable to do, and instead I am here to plead with you.

(Down on bended knee):Please, please, please send me any pictures you have of our little family and the kids! They will have no memories at all if someone doesn't have it in the kindness of there hearts to send me copies of photos! Not of their birthdays; not of the month they spent in California this summer; not of B's mutton button debut; or N's 2nd place ride!

Okay, well I am now off to scour the Internet: photobucket, craigslist, a variety of blogs and myspace accounts in search of lost photos, and putting a wish out on all the stars in the sky that I will receive disks of photos in the mail, and the the "computer god" will somehow find the photos and send them on to me as well.

Here's to hoping......