Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Hanukkah? Today? What??

Okay, so this year I was a little taken back that chanukkah was starting already as in today. Last year it was weeks, later, and actually fell in line with the schools winter break. Sunday was actually my real wake up call, as Aba and I were debating what to do during the 4 1/2 hours we had to be away from the house for showings, and Aba was like lets get Hanukkah presents, and I was all we have plenty of time, um no, I was informed we had 2 days, so off we went, and burned a hole in our credit card (a small hole, but still a hole is a hole).

This was not my idea of fun shopping, the first store we went to we all went inside and Aba and I tried to hide things in the cart from the kids (yeah, that went well). Then I took the kids to the car while Aba paid. Overpaid, and forgot a key item that was to difficult to hide in the cart. Once he got to the car and unloaded, I checked the receipt, and found such a problem!! So back in the store I got to go.

At the next store, it was decided, I would go and do the shopping, and Aba would stay in the van and entertain the kids. That went better, except that the store made a vast mistake in the doll aisle. All of the dolls were bigger than the doll clothes. And since Miss B really wanted this gift, and I was trying to make do with what I could find in the stores (1/2 because I thought it would be cheaper, and 1/2 because I needed gifts now not in 3 weeks) that simply wouldn't do.

So off to a 3rd store, the toy mecca, I figured if anyone had what I needed at this point they would . Well, they were out of duplos, and I mean o-u-t. But I did find the dolly supplies I needed and now we are good to go. (I can't find a picture online - how odd... But it is a 12 inch You & Me doll with hair).

And what happens, when you rush? and your house is for sale? Kids find things. Aba walked in on J playing with Baby B's toys which we had stealthily hid (in the toy store bags in our closet). Baby B has claimed one of J's toys and screams when we take it from her (which I have had the joy of doing 3 times now - it is the first thing I wrapped yesterday when I got the chance). With that much fuss from little miss happy, Aba has decided we will just give it to her, and he is off yet again sometime this week for a 8th gift for J.

This is not how we like to do Chanukah's but with the house sale, and packing, and chanukah being so early this year, things got all a-mush. I will tell you later how I want to do things around here for Birthdays and Hanukkah, to prevent this last minute credit card using rush, another time.