Thursday, August 09, 2007

1st grade and ballet

We are officially back and trying to get back to our regular schedule. That means school and bus stops, ballet, and cleaning.

1st grade seems to be going good for N so far, although he comes home very tired each day.

Ballet is B's current activity and after 2 classes yesterday (almost 2 whole hours) she was still running strong, but a bit upset that she did not know the dances as well as the other girls (after 5 weeks away what does she expect?) but I am sure she will be fine by the time the recital comes around. Oh, and B has had the Bluegrass appliance reinstalled in her mouth, the finger sucking that restarted at Bampa's is simply not okay.

Baby B is standing on her own, but not yet walking. And I am trying my best to get her to eat something besides breast milk; yesterday I actually got her to eat something at all 3 meals (yes I am pretty proud of myself!!!).

J is being a bruiser as usual. We had his speech evaluation, and he will start seeing a speech therapist with in the next few weeks (apparently he is trying to talk with out using his tongue), and his stitches from the road trip (yes he was jumping on the bed in the hotel room) are pretty well healed, now we are just waiting for the glue to come off or dissolve, or whatever it needs to do.

Ahh, life as usual.